The Business Lessons I’ve Learned Working for Ex-NFL Players

Six months ago I began working in the office of two ex-NFL players.

Kerry Carter and Joe Tafoya own a sports and technology firm called JumpIt Media. Both have extensive and impressive pro football careers, but what I find more remarkable is how these two do business.

Having a rich pro football career is one thing, but being able to bridge the gap into a successful post-football career is another.

Here are the seven lessons I have learned from working with these two inspiring businessmen:

1)    Have a system in place –

  • Staying organized is crucial. Having a personal system in place helps define the larger tasks and goals of the company, keeping everyone informed on what’s happening.

2)    Teamwork is key –

  • A business functions much like a professional sports team. In order to achieve the end goal it takes the effort and teamwork of all players.

3)    9-5 doesn’t exist –

  • Work hours are based on when work needs to be done; it’s as simple as that.

4)    Create goals –

  • Know your end goal, create a plan of execution, and map out how you’re going to get there.

5)    Take time to have a laugh –

  • It’s important to remember to stop and have a laugh every once in awhile. For example, frequent “dance breaks” in the office are a great way to relieve some stress.

6)    Hustle, hustle, hustle –

  • Don’t miss an opportunity to connect, network and get yourself out there because you never know where it may end up.

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