Copy Challenge: Day 1

Copy Writing. My first interest in copywriting came Sophomore year of University when I took Introduction to Newswriting. I grew to love always coming up with catchy, short hooks to my news stories. I had always enjoyed writing, but I discovered a whole new style of writing while taking Journalism. Writing was no longer  based on a five paragraph template, consisting of a minimum of five sentences in each (I still picture my High School teachers saying this before each assigned paper.) Instead, writing could be edgy, in your face and with short paragraphs (goodbye five sentences minimum!)

My passion for writing has been given new life thanks to this blog, and with  that I am going to challenge my inner Copy Writer!

I am always coming up with tag lines or slogans in my head to products I use or see, so for the next 30 days I am going to start keeping track of them.

Day 1: Veuve Clicquot

“Life is Good when Drinking Veuve”


And for those of you that are interested in reading more about how to improve your copy, check out this great article I found called “Five Ways to Write Magnificent Copy” on

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