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Public Speaking.

Being an average public speaker is easy. Being an engaging, interesting, thoughtful speaker… thats a tough one! I just came across a great parody video titled “Every Presentation Ever,” where all those nasty annoyances and mistakes of giving a simple presentation make there way into an incredibly amusing and very relevant video.

Let’s watch first:

Every Presentation Ever: Communication FAIL

I found this video from an article called “The 10 most important lessons for speakers”. As a Communications major in University, not only do I have a passion for public speaking, I enjoy helping others become more confident, engaging and credible speakers. I spent a great deal of time in University facilitating and instructing fellow students on the basics of public speaking. It is a skill that one can continuously be working on, tweaking and improving.

And here are a few small personal tips of mine:

  • Practice, practice, practice. Knowing the subject you are speaking about and practicing your speech will translate through your presentation.
  • Nervous before your presentation? Relax your body, close your eyes, and take multiple deep breaths. Re-focusing your energy on your breathing, will help calm nerves and jitters.
  • Water. Its always ok to have a bottle of water with you just in case you need a little hydration mid speech or if you tend to get dry mouth.

Remember to enjoy yourself, have fun and be enthusiastic!


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